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What Are The Akashic Records

 Akashic Records are vibrational records of
your soul's travel, From the time you arise from origin until you
finally return home.  This may take forever.  But no matter how ancient
or new of soul you are, the Akashic energy retains all of your ideas,
feelings, activities, and actions from every lifetime.  Whether it's
here in the world, this life, a previous life, another world, another
dimension or realm --Everything that you are and have been as a soul
is listed on your, personal vibrational Akashic Library which Represents
another life.  I have individuals who picture the records as a computer with all
the data saved on the hard drive.  You can also consider it as a street
on the soul's journeys with off ramps for every lifetime.  When a life
finishes, you just get back on the road, travel into another
journey.You can open your Records to get years of information in
your own private Akashic Library, that can be full of thousands of
publications.Each and every spirit has their very own personal Akashic
Librarians, heavenly information that is most useful at any given moment
in time.When You've Got an Issue, these Record Keepers will find and
provide you the information required to learn a lesson, launch karma and
thus much more.  All these Beings of Light,  function us through service,
advice, and sharing with us all our transformational info, while it's
about your soul contract we have written before we came into this
lifetime, or by asking the way to discharge old ancestral routines,
karma, and beyond life contracts which negatively influence our
existing life. Beings of Light, they will answer your personal questions
relating to this life and any previous lives which are affecting you
now. When you Understand That you came into existence with a strategy,
as I did,  a lot of years before, it becomes quite helpful to understand when
you can get info relating to this strategy.  You arrived to finish
karma, meet your previous life-vows, to be with somebody special, and
also to encourage individuals that are part fundamentally, you came
here to improve your soul-expansion through relationships and
experiences with other people.Our individual challenge is that when
we're born we overlook the Strategy We arrived to work on.  Picture,
sometimes we feel obstructed or constricted or frustrated in our lives
since we do not recall why we picked our households or situations.
This Can Lead to the feeling that life is unjust or intended to be very
hard.The Reality Is, the Akashic Field is a part of and attached to
the All, It is for everybody and everyone who has a soul.  Giving access
to the deep high-vibrational recovery energy for you to completely
change your life.The Akashic area of energy is equally astonishing and
strong.  how exciting is it to understand you've got your personal
Record-keeping librarians of your info only for you?  They are willing,
ready and capable to help you in recalling why you're here and also to
assist you to discharge the cubes that bind you from going ahead.Since I
meet people all Around the World, many are interested in, where the
Libraries are stored which is in celestial supply energy, known as the Akasha.
TheyTelephone the expansive power of this One/Source.  And They're
literally held and recorded in pure celestial energy.  Private
librarians are a part of Source.Like I was operating from the Akashic
Records of the publication, I inquired the Akashic Beings of Light to
describe to people about, who they are.That is that they stated:"As we
describe to you 'that we're not,' we expect to assist with
any confusion as you'll also learn 'that we're'  They're out of a soul
kingdom where many people decide to be of support by getting Angel
helpers living several resides inside the Angelic realm.  People don't
become Archangels since They Are permanent and infinite soul options,
nevertheless, it's likely to assist and direct from the Angelic
kingdom, which might be your own soul's home base.Yes, your spirit has
a home foundation.  Lots of you may find Earth or kingdom your spirit
calls house when you come to use us on your record.  Lots of your
Star Seeds, that arrived from worlds far away.Your private Akashic
Records hold the advice of your soul house, which we understand many
Light Employees would discover beneficial.We are Akashic Record Pros,
maybe not Ascended Masters, as that's the route from humankind to
ascension.  Ascended Masters' spirits came to ground various occasions
to learn, expertise and ascend the individual encounter, Thus with an
awakening.  And help in awakening others.  Dr Mary and lots of other
people have walked the paths to awakening.  Now they help your
conversion as Ascended Masters.Are still heavy in the practice of
personal learning and development.  souls pass to the other lands,
they're wiser and frequently become conscious of what they desired to
understand, however, are still not educated.Receiving advice and
advice from them is similar to seeking wisdom from a wise elder; maybe
useful, maybe not.We're not your recovery manuals or spirit guides
because of they, also, are spirits traveling a development path and might
have great gifts in recovery, Even though they're similar to you once
you aren't embodied.  Additionally, you have great gifts and abilities.
Being therapeutic guides for humankind. We're here to imbue the players
we provide you with all the vibrational healing energy
of Creator/Source/God.  We've never been traveled or human on
your earthly realms.  We've chosen to remain as individuated souls, at
the expansive library of God, to direct and help all souls in their
journey. "they're the keepers of your soul library".

 Our best pleasure and we want to be of support to you once you are
prepared to receive your souls Akashic Records.

Dr Mary M Lapp is "An internationally acclaimed instructor with years
of expertise in Akashic Records Recovery, Spiritual Healing Coaching and
Wisdom Teachings to Your Own Abundance by Using the keys of the Universe.

Please Write for a Personal Appointment to Have Your Questions
answered through Your Souls Personal Akashic Records/Library. There is a waiting

list so please be patient.

You Will Know if its True Coming From Your Own Heart and Soul. You
Will Then Be Able To Heal and to know that you are on your Lifes Path
and Purpose for Yourself with Abundance!

One Hour:                     $125 USD

One Hour 45 min          $200 USD

Dr Mary Is The Best

I had my records opened and it turned my life around. I did not know that my parents were the reasons for all my feelings. Mary found out that my mother had a curse on me and got it released immediately which shifted my life around so that I do not get those migrane head aches any more. I recommend Dr Mary and give her a 10 out of 10 . I continue with Dr Mary for all my readings. I have tried many and no one has got it so right on.

Thanks Dr Mary I Love You.

Robyn  H ...Ont

Akashic Record Prices

One Hour:                     $125 USD

One Hour 45 min          $200 USD