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You May Be A StarSeed Find Out Now!


Have you checked your stars? Do you feel that you don't belong here  on earth or feel that you are from somewhere else? Well, you may be. You may be what we call a Starseed. If you google Starseeds, you will find a definition like this:


Are Individuals who exist here on the Earth Plane in a three-dimensional human body, but whose Soul may have originated from another planet, star system, galaxy, dimension or parallel universe.
I  myself am a Starseed and through your astrology reading, we can tell you if you are one too and what path you might like to pursue.  In other words, we can suggest to you what you might like to do and what talents you might have come into this world with. 

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If you want to know if you are a StarSeed book a Quantum Progressive Past & Present Healing now.

This can not be done on the phone or Skype. Strictly ONE on ONE. Dr Mary travels so call to see when she is in your area.  

Complete Session about 4-5 hours :  $350 USD $475 CDN

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Quantum Progressive Past & Present  Life Healing 

Must Be Done ONE on ONE

Call to see when we are in your area.

Complete Session about 4-5 hours :  $350 USD $475 CDN

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 Mentor and Coach to StarSeeds and Humanity!

Quantum Progressive Pastlife Healing Facilitator Price Varies Must Be Done ONE on One

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Spiritual  and Energy  Starseed Coach, Mentor and Coach, Teacher and Healer, Master Degree in Metaphysics, Akashic Records and Energetic Coach and Healings, Quantum Touch Healing,  Crystal Healing, Dao Hands-On Healing, Dowsing And Space Clearing, Ghost Finding,  Reaching  Energetically  Loved Ones That Have Passed On , Intuitive Guidance,  Blockages Removed For Healing of DNA. Helping You to Heal Your DNA,  Helping those who Want to Change Their Thoughts For Co-Creating and Manifesting to Your  Own Abundance and Life's Path, 

Find out What Your Own Starseed Path Is ! 

$125 USD /hr

$75 USD 1/2 hr


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